Tom & Shirley,
I had to write you to let you both now that your photography and DVDís are phenomenal. I canít believe how fast I received everything, Every time someone sees our photo album they cannot get over how outstanding each shot is. The video is absolutely breath taking. We still canít get over how you guys got the song to end as weíre kissing in the beginning of the tape, accuracy was really on point. Not to mention the excellent referral of using Holmdel Park as our place to take pictures. We couldnít have asked or better pictures and the DVD is just unbelievable. Thanks again for making that day just easier and catching every moment perfectly!!!
Mr. And Mrs. Anthony Vaz

Tom & Shirley,
Thank you both so much for doing such a great job. Our pictures are absolutely amazing and you were both such a pleasure to work with. We are very pleased with everything!

Thanks Again,
Catherine & Dave Commander

Tom & Shirley,
Thank you both for making our wedding day extra special. Both the pictures and video are beautiful.

Thank you again,
Michelle & Charlie McCarthy

Dear Tom & Shirley,
I just had to thank you both for the outstanding photography service you provided for our wedding day. You were both terrific with keeping us calm and arranging beautiful compositions. Your proofs really reflect your skills and professionalism. We were so glad to see so many great pictures of our wedding day and it was difficult to select our album. We are looking forward to the video and are enclosing the photos you've requested.

Once again thanks for a terrific job!

Thank you,
Laura & Bill Kelly

Dear Essence Photography,
Thank you for your help in making our wedding truly remarkable. The pictures will help us remember our day forever. As these days can be hectic and try your patience, your professionalism in handling the day made everything run very smooth. We really appreciate all you did for us.

Thank you,
Bob & Debbie

Dear Tom and Shirley,
Just wanted to take the time out to thank you both for the beautiful job on our wedding photos and for being pleasant photographers, (not pushy) at our wedding. We really appreciate your patience you showed throughout our day. We didn't even know you were there!

Kelly & Bill Anderson

Dear Shirley,
This is one of those times when thank you doesn't seem like enough. I really could not have gotten it together without you. Your patience and honesty were a great help! You were the best I could have asked for.

Thanks to the greatest!,
Jess and Paul

Dear Tom & Shirley,
We've just got finished watching our video and we couldn't be happier! What a wonderful job you did.
Thank you for your excellent service.

Tina & John